Do you pin on Pinterest? While both Mandy and Meg pin personally (follow us!), Gavin has now ventured into the world of pinning for our clients.

Pinterest, the virtual pinboard website, has been covered and praised extensively by media like Time magazine and Mashable, which called it “addictive.” The site has seen more than 2,000% growth since June, with 421 million pageviews in October 2011. And for Time Inc.’s Real Simple, a print magazine and website that “provides women with inspiring ideas and practical solutions,” Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook.

Hammer and Nail Exteriors is a window and door retailer with more than 50 years of experience in home exteriors in the DC metro region. In striving to position Hammer and Nail Exteriors as the go-to window, door and home exteriors expert with a thumb on the pulse of regional design trends, Gavin is taking it to the pinboard. Check out Hammer and Nail Exteriors on Pinterest.

With boards like “Remodeling Tools,” “Design Trends,” “Innovative Ideas,” and “Color Wow,” Hammer and Nail Exteriors is not only sharing inspiration and tips with pinners, they’re promoting a lifestyle. Rather than solely pinning pictures of their product offering (Pinterest’s etiquette states that users, including brands, should avoid using the network as purely promotional), we are pinning outside the box with images that capture the essence of the brand: a beautiful home.

For Hammer and Nail Exteriors, Gavin is also able to utilize Pinterest as a focus group of sorts, by looking at the pinners who follow their brand, what they’re pinning and who else they’re following. This information can be used to glean insights about target consumers and to stay on the cutting edge of trends.

In short order, Hammer and Nail will also display the “Pin It” widget on their website, which encourages pinners to share products and images directly from As a bonus, pins from your website are a great way to build backlinks to your site for SEO purposes.

Would Pinterest be a good platform to grow your brand? The social network offers a great opportunity to showcase your content, build brand awareness and connect with influencers, so odds are: yes.

Pinterest is especially attractive for brands that are interested in reaching women (and with women influencing upwards of 85% of purchases made in the U.S. by some estimates, few brands aren’t). Additionally, being visually interesting helps your chances of re-pinned and followed, so home decor, beauty, fashion, weddings, food, travel, etc. are natural matches for the virtual pinboard.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this growing network. In the meantime, see you on the boards! Happy pinning!