To get the attention of reporters, sometimes it’s best to seek the counsel of former reporters. On this episode of The Adlibber, three members of Gavin’s senior media relations team discuss crossing over to public relations and their past experiences as journalists, how to relate and build relationships with local, national and industry reporters and how PR continues to evolve beyond media exposure for clients.

With more than decade of diverse media experience, John Buffone brings a unique perspective to help organizations tell their stories.

His past experiences include multiple years of radio, newspaper and television reporting, where he covered topics ranging from news, sports, politics, animal rights and outdoor living. His most recent work was with the U.S. Census Bureau as a media specialist, where he promoted community-based media campaigns and acted as a bureau spokesperson.

Jim Cronin is a Senior Media Relations Manager with more than 15 years of experience working with journalists. He has helped direct media relations work for national and regional organizations. Before that, he was a reporter and editor covering the environment, nonprofits, the business of cannabis and commercial real estate for news outlets across the country.